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#LunchWithLainney: Andrea Aguilar, Founder of Très Stacks at Sweet Chick

#LunchWithLainney is a weekly series inspired by Keith Ferrazzi's Never Eat Alone, This series will highlight upcoming brands and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, while featuring the best restaurants and happy hours Los Angeles has to offer. #LunchWithLainney was created to inspire Los Angeles creatives to connect and learn with one other more often while experiencing the best that the L.A. food scene can offer. 

Name: Andrea Aguilar
Hustle: Founder of Très Stacks
Follow: @andrea3stacks, @tresstacksbrand

Our first interview features Andrea Aguilar of Très Stacks, a hip-hop clothing brand dedicating to embodying the culture. What better way to celebrate an upcoming hip-hop brand than to dine at Nas's recently opened restaurant Sweet Chick on Fairfax Ave? Read more to learn about Andrea's creative hustle, her most important lesson as a budding entrepreneur and the best dishes to try at Sweet Chick: 

What's your hustle? 

I'm a team of one. I handle all of the shirt designs in Photoshop, ship merch, coordinate photoshoots, book models with the help of my sister and contact vendors as needed. I have been blessed with opportunities to do pop-up shops at Stones Throw Superfest, Delicious Vinyl and Laced.  I run all of Très Stacks' social media accounts, update the site and am constantly networking. I also set up shop monthly at the best early 2000s Hip Hop party in LA, The Drop, thanks to you. I have SO much fun every time!

What inspired you to create Très Stacks?

I'm a huge fan of Hip-Hop and used to buy a lot of artist merch on eBay, but they didn't always have what I was looking for. I like clean, minimalist shirts, and some designs were way too overdone for my taste or weren't referencing the artist's work I particularly wanted, so I decided to create pieces I wish existed.


What's your biggest lesson in having your own business?

Rely on yourself. When I first began Très Stacks, friends reached out to help, but didn't come through or meet deadlines, and it got frustrating. I just kept it moving and stuck to the original script of planning and executing everything on my own. 

What's your favorite spot in LA that's underrated?

My cousin put me on to Guisados tacos last year, and they are so fire and inexpensive. Chichen Itza in this random plaza by USC also has great Mexican food.

What did you order at Sweet Chick?

The fried chicken biscuits, and they were pretty legit.

What's your favorite Nas lyric?

"Much success to ya even if you wish me the opposite" from "Nas Is Like." It's actually in my IG bio. That line has always resonated with me because I really do wish people the best in their endeavors whether they show support or not.  We all deserve to shine, and there's enough success to go around for everybody. 

Check out Tres Stacks merch at TresStacks.com and stay tuned for the next pop-up coming to The Drop Party May 20th at Grand Star Jazz Club.