A Conversation About Crystal Healing With Devi Brown, Author of Crystal Bliss

Photo Credit:  Devi Brown via Instagram  

Photo Credit: Devi Brown via Instagram 

When someone is committed to living in their authenticity, the world recognizes it. OG radio personality and TV host, Devi Brown stays committed to living in her truth and it radiants in her work. From radio to television, Devi understands that self-care is the foundation of a thriving business and developing meaningful relationships. From interviewing hip-hop artists including Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, to founding Karma Bliss, a company dedicated to helping those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world, Devi is a business woman who personifies the importance of spiritual self-discovery and utilizing your sense of self in making a positive impact to those around you.

In her recent venture as author of Crystal Bliss, Devi wants to show you how to manifest dopeness in your career and love life. Crystal Bliss offers a fresh approach to healing crystals, with advice for selecting preparing and using crystals for meditation.

LA Pulse Mag had the pleasure to speak with Devi to discuss the inspiration behind Crystal Bliss, the importance of self-development in building an impactful career and the best crystals to help you on your journey to success:

What words of advice would you give to people who are interested in getting in the same hustle as yourself?

Best piece of advice I can give is to spend your free time working on yourself and diving into who you are. When you do that everything works out in the best way possible. People look at the importance of being in a great relationship or having a great career, but in order to have all that, you need to understand you. Focus on you and when you do that you’ll become who you need to be to receive what you have been waiting for.

You have a knack for having artists share their truth with you. How did you get in your career and how did that evolve into your commitment to wellness and meditation? 

I've always been enamored with storytelling. I learned from watching Oprah and Barbara Walters that there’s beauty in being yourself. Seeing their examples made me realized that I wanted to be part of the magic. I wanted to find a way to make sure that whatever I touched became a little bit better. I had to grow into my craft and evolve. Primarily working in the hip-hop space, people would ask, “How do you have so much peace?” And that’s where wellness became a place where it changed the way I interviewed guests. We’re all multi-layered beings. Hip-hop in its roots is music that is the tale of your life. Hip-hop is so closely connected to higher consciousness. We all have the power to unlock ourself, but it's about recognizing that and acting on it. 

Tell us what inspired you to create the book Crystal Bliss. What do you want readers learn?

I wrote this book because I wanted to demystify crystals and have people understand its basic uses for everyday life. I noticed that there weren’t a lot of books speaking directly to people that looked like me. I wanted to make crystals interesting and tangible for people and combine that with personal stories and observations. We all want to achieve a higher level of love, we want to heal. I want to pinpoint crystals for specific uses: from love to healing and manifesting goals, I want people to manifest goals and do it in a way that's simple and relatable. 

As a woman of color in the wellness industry, how does your narrative affect how you approach your work? Where do you see the future of the wellness industry heading towards?

In a sense, we’re all entitled to tools to better ourselves, but for some people it may not be accessible. For some communities, wellness is on trend. People of color are getting behind in self-discovery because they might not have the resources and the price point may be too high. This is way it's important to find other ways to connect. Wellness gurus seem far way if you’re in an inner city and we need to find ways to share knowledge. It's not just about SoulCycle, it’s about diving into feelings, it's about applying an Instagram quote to your life and living it. 

What are the best crystals for removing people or bad energy?

  • Black tourmaline - This does a great job of protecting you from harmful people. It bounces that bad energy off. 
  • Onyx - This darker stone helps keep you pure.

  • Lapis lazuli - This is a great stone to open your third eye and throat chakra. It allows you to open your inner wisdom.

Sometimes, negative people are meant to be around you. Lesson repeats as needed and you may be dealing with that situation to face it and evolve rather than run away from it. 

How long do you meditate with crystals?

I strive to do it twice a day: 25 minutes in the morning and evening. It's also helpful to visualize while you mediate.  

How do I know if a crystal is working for me?

You’ll know it intuitively. Keep the crystals connected with you and stick with it for 30 days, this way you will notice if you’re ready for new energy. We’re ever-evolving so do your best to listen to that inner energy and see if it's right for you. 

To learn more about Crystal Bliss click here to purchase your copy and stay tuned for Devi's upcoming events by following her on Instagram

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