Best of Los Angeles: Experience The Scenario Studio Pop-Up For An Immersive Photo Experience

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Photography courtesy of  The Scenario Studio .

Photography courtesy of The Scenario Studio.

For anyone looking to channel their inner-Beyonce, James Bond, and leading movie-star - or simply to defy gravity and space, The Scenario Studio in Los Angeles is a photo pop-up event set in the secret underground space at Grand Central Market running through November 4. 

World famous photographer and set designer John Ganun has elevated the traditional photo booth set made popular by selfie museums by engineering full-scale, interactive photography sets that are up to par from what you’d see on the front page of magazine covers. 

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Using cutting edge LED lighting equipment and techniques crafted by The Scenario Studio team, visitors can shoot from their own smart-phone cameras to take pictures as equally stunning as those taken in a studio with professional cameras, strobe lighting, and even industrial-grade fans.

“It’s not strobe photography anymore, we use LED lights,” says Ganun. “I have a great team that helps, build and paint, but it’s all my vision and I scout around for all of the furniture, fabric and props. It’s a composed set, not anything like you’ll see in any of the selfie museums.”

With ticket prices set at just  $29 per person, guests can choose from a variety of seven sets they can shoot in and out of. A plasma screen display guides and directs each set, complete with instructions to set exposure levels on camera phones, user photography tips, and amazing examples of original photos - all making any visitor a professional photographer/ model for a day.  Favorites include the “Beyonce set” (including a signature hair-blowing fan), a Halloween-themed set, a Monte Carlo roulette table set (a replica of used at John Legend’s James Bond-themed birthday), and more! Check out some of our favorite pics below, and be sure to book your own front page cover shoot before The Scenario Studio ends Nov 4.

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