Los Angeles Recap: Rémy Martin Announces Limited-Edition XO Designed by French Metalsmith Steaven Richard


By Lainney Dizon

On Tuesday, July 16, thought-leaders and movers and shakers within the world of art, music and design gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of the House of Rémy Martin’s limited-edition Rémy Martin XO created in collaboration with artist Steaven Richard, a globally celebrated French metalsmith. The collaboration was inspired by Remy Martin’s vision to combine the world of cognac with the world of an innovating artist. The result was a multi-sensory experience - from taste to colour and touch - which fully immersed attendees to the world of Cognac. Speaking on his inspiration behind the limited-edition XO design, Steaven Richard explains, “I took inspiration from Rémy Martin’s centuries-old connection with the soil – its love for nature – and something happened. Something approaching a revelation: from the verticality of the vines that climb to the sky, this piece reaches out towards the stars.” 

Attendees also had the opportunity to try out metalwork for themselves by using tools to engrave their names and messages on sheets of metal. Just trying out the station made you genuinely appreciate how intricate and detail-oriented metalwork is. In addition to the label design, Steaven Richard created the Masterpiece, a metal sculpture and art piece which gently revels Rémy Martin’s emblematic centaur in the “anamorphosis” optical illusion technique, glimpsed through metal pillars that represent the vertical vines of Cognac, France. Thank you Team Rémy Martin, Steaven Richard and Team Ephiphany for an inspiring evening celebrating craftmenship and the world of Cognac.

The limited-edition Rémy Martin XO is available in limited quantities through independent retailers in select markets and online at Reserve Bar for $200.

Check out the photos of the evening below courtesy of Team Epiphany: