Girl Boss Rally Takes Over Los Angeles For A Day of Inspiration and Insight

By Elise Gray

The Girlboss team has yet another successful Girlboss Rally beneath their belt. The community has grown immensely in recent years, as it has been providing millennial women with the tools needed to enhance their professional, personal, and financial lives. These tools are now available through an exclusive online community, which will act as a LinkedIn for millennial women

 This year's rally showcased the expertise of many women in Los Angeles, California, at the UCLA campus. The rally not only shared insight from industry professionals but also showcased female-owned businesses such as Xipi~Teca, a shop featuring Latina inspired clothing and gold-plated jewelry. 

Even female artists on the other side of the world had space at the rally, thanks to exhibitions set up by The Other Art Fair. Their area showcased the work of fifteen incredible artists, who had the chance to sell some of their stand-out pieces at the rally.

Women from all walks of life came to the event to spread their wisdom on subjects like influencer marketing, investing, and even poetry writing. No stone was left unturned at the event, which is why they noted a turnout of over 2,000 attendees. 

We sat in on conversations with industry experts like Yunah Lee, Arlan Hamilton, Ramona Ortega, and Gabby Dunn⁠—who discussed the intimacy of money management during their panel, Money Matters: Yes, it's (Deeply) Personal.

The panel discussed everything from the impacts of systematic racism and survivor’s guilt to the true value of a latte. It's safe to say that when you have so many intelligent women in one room, shit gets real.

“Financial stability is about knowing the rules of the game, sort of like chess. No one wants you to know that the Queen is the most powerful piece on the chess board. You only know that if you know how to play chess. So, buy the damn latte.”  - Nicole Lapin

Rally-goers were also able to attend intimate workshops from professionals like Gina Loring, an accomplished professor and poet, whose work circulates sociopolitical issues. Even Paris Hilton gave her 2 cents on what it means to be a powerful woman in male-driven spaces. Paris discussed how her family's success in business gave her the work ethic needed to run multiple companies, and reach new heights as one of the highest paid DJs in the world

Whether you were in the courtyard or grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many food trucks on premises, the networking and learning opportunities were immense. We cannot wait to see what brilliance next year’s Girlboss Rally will bring.