Pay Day LA Showcases The Future of Hip-Hop With "Queens Get The Money"

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LA’s burgeoning hip hop scene showed up and showed out last Tuesday night at the Virgil Bar in Silverlake. The speakeasy-style lounge hosts the monthly series, “Queens Get the Money” and welcomed some of the hottest emerging female rap talent the city has to offer. Powered by the carefully curated Payday LA, Queens Get the Money showcased an all-female emcee lineup, including acts such as Yung Miss, Julisa, Maya Huyana, La Brea, Mindy, Kiara Simone, Miliana Monroe, Yoshi Vintage, and Alia Zin. Hosted by Cali Ally with sounds by DJ Freckles, the Queens vibe shined throughout the night. 

Payday LA, the brainchild of local rap artist El Prez, creates a much-needed platform for the underground hip hop community in Los Angeles, often providing a stage for local artists to perform their music and connect with the audience. 

“Queens Get the Money” did not disappoint, kicking off the night with illuminating performances from Yung Miss and Yoshi Vintage. Yung Miss flawlessly delivered, combining both singing (like singing, singing) and rapping in her performance, ending with a surprise previously-unreleased track. Yoshi Vintage continued to bring the heat with a passionate a cappella, bellowing: “Diamonds all in my aura, I shine different/ blind a n***a from a distance/ so don’t get too close - look.”  

Mindy also sparked the crowd with a stellar performance, igniting listeners with the lyrics: 

“What, you got no respect/ come at me correct/ am I close to your neck/ I’m close to your check” 

Queens definitely get the money. 

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