Meet Sarah Shen, the Up-and-Coming Photographer with Vogue-Like Shots

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By Elise Gray 

Due to a highly-competitive industry, fashion photography is an endeavor that holds great potential for many, but true prospects for few. A student by day and photographer by night, Sarah Shen—who creates wildly Vogue-like shots for Rosalie Agency—is an exception to the rule: Her knack for fashion was ignited through an internship at GUESS® and now takes precedence through images showcasing brands in fun and creative ways. 

At present, Sarah Shen is currently a senior at USC studying business with a minor in advertising. "I love working with others who are equally as passionate about creating. When I shoot, I focus on the people working alongside me. Feeling everyone's energy on set is a beautiful thing to me. I also love making my subjects feel beautiful and confident," says Shen, "Being able to spread that energy motivates me to keep shooting photos." With the help of mentors at Rosalie Agency, a content creation agency for beauty brands, Shen creates magic with her Canon 70D and a 50mm 1.8 lens. Inspired by the work of brands and other photographers on Instagram, Shen turns to mood boards to create the perfect aesthetic on set and camera. "I spend a lot of time planning before each shoot to help me create a concept that ties the shoot together. I like to get everyone on my teams involved and invested in the projects, so I make mood boards to effectively communicate the direction I would like to take for a shoot. I always ask if there's anything they'd like to do as well," says Shen, "I find that having a team that is actively involved and cares about the end-result is the most essential component in bringing a concept into fruition."

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As a female in what can sometimes seem like a male-driven creative space, most of Sarah Shen's female-assembled teams have generated amazing results with images that accentuate an atmosphere of empowerment. As a young professional, Shen looks forward to creating enticing fashion editorials with new and exciting brands. She continues to create a name by showcasing her work via Instagram, posting the photographs she's shot for brands such as Garcia Companies, Frankie Phoenix, Dreamingless and more.

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Instead of settling for the norm, Shen encourages other artists to step out of their comfort zones. "All of my best opportunities were thanks to cold calling people," says Shen, "There's also no "right" way to do something, you just have to do it and figure out what went right and what went wrong, so you can improve and prepare yourself for the next time you do it."

As the Vice President of USC Photo Club, Shen will be helping hold a Fashion Shoot this coming semester. Any models or photographers in Los Angeles can apply to take part in this event. You can check out their website for details. For more of Sarah Shen's monumental work, check out her Instagram @sarahshenphoto, Facebook, and her portfolio for inquiries!

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