Fiverr Presents: Music Masterclass with Wyclef Jean

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By Lainney Dizon

“You’re not doing it because it’s easy, you’re supposed to do it because it’s hard and it will be worth it.” Haitian rapper, musician and actor Wyclef Jean said these words and I felt it. Being great isn’t convenient. Making your dreams come true is supposed to be a struggle, because that’s how you’ll grow.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend Fiverr Presents: Do With Wyclef Jean with my hip-hop sister Vashti. Here’s some of my key takeaways during the Q&A:

When you’re creating music, don’t think about the language first put the vibration first.

Vibration is global. People react to vibration first. I noticed this firsthand when I got stuck with French Hip-Hop during my trip to Paris. I had no idea what they were saying but my shoulders were bouncing, and THAT’s when you know it’s a jam. Your shoulders will never deny the rhythm. Wyclef mentioned how when he creates music, he listens first to the vibration of a track. “When you’re creating music, don’t think about the language first, put the vibration first. Vibration is global, people react to vibration first.”

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Behind every big, new artist’s DNA is an OG.

“When there’s a big new artist, there is an OG behind it that will make it last 20-30 years. Look at Bruno Mars, look at Drake. If you look at their DNA, there is an OG there that supported them early in their career. For The Fugees, we had Kalis Baon who produced for  Earth, Wind, and Fire. If you want longevity find out who the OGs are and learn from them.

Find out how to get in the right room.

Wyclef shared a story about learning the importance of finding how to get in the right room. One time, him and his brother heard that Rakim would be in their town for a video shoot. Wyclef found out where the location brought band equipment to the front of the house. The security stopped him and asked, “What are you doing here?” Wyclef responded, “What do you mean what I’m doing here? I’m the band for Rakim.” The security told him to set up by the pool in the backyard. If you go watch Don’t Sweat the Technique - Rakim you can find Wyclef and his brother in the back with their instruments.

Create your own community. 

There’s power in social media and your talent. Once you build your following to 100K you create your own community. Wyclef admits, “You shouldn’t do it because it’s easy, do it because it’s hard. Once your consistent, it’ll explode and you can have a career.” And if people criticize you along the way, spit it back with your art.

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