How To Bend Light in LA: Andrew Romero

Photography by Nifty Shots

Photography by Nifty Shots

By Elise Gray

As a jack-of-all-trades, Andrew Romero captures gorgeous photos of different subjects in the Los Angeles area. In 2013 he helped found a clothing brand named, The NiftyFits®. The brand was created to learn how to blend screen print with art. Andrew helped design a lot of the original logos and clothes. "I think we have had a lot of success, one of the dopest things is seeing Mac Miller wear our hoodies and hats, and Manny Gutierrez (MUA)," he states.

The success of Niftyfits is not Andrew's only feat. Andrew goes by Niftyshots on Instagram, capturing various people and places in the Los Angeles area. Each photo is as versatile as the subject. Some backdrops include old muscle cars while others are nothing more than a blank canvas, yet each has their unique flare. His use of color helps capture every detail. 

Like many other photographers in Los Angeles, photography was not Andrew's first love. Originally graduating with a B.S. in Healthcare Administration, Andrew never thought that he would pursue the arts. It wasn't until his sophomore year in college that he enrolled in an Intro to Photography course. The course gave him an excuse to purchase his first DSLR, a Canon T2i. He began focusing on landscapes and the concrete giant that is downtown LA. Andrew slowly transitioned toward the lovely portraits we see today. 

"I want people, (models, actors, artists, rappers, etc.) to say 'Damn, I want Niftyshots to shoot me.' I want to help people feel confident. I like when people that are not models tell me that I helped them feel more confident – even though I just captured what was there all along." - Andrew

He currently works with a Sony A7ii with a Sony 85mm 1.8 and sometimes a Sony 28mm 2.0. His focus on vivid and exciting backdrops ranges from Los Angeles city streets to Venice Beach, CA. 

Andrew notes that while he might have a particular aesthetic, he doesn't have a specific technique. The best shots happen once he gets to know the subject/model. Andrew usually creates a mood board before shooting, so that he and the model both know the type of look they want to capture. He also believes that having music in the background helps create a mood and influences the shot.

At present, Andrew is pursuing an Entertainment Marketing program at Santa Monica College. With hopes to get his foot in the door in the Entertainment industry, Andrew plans to eventually work for a TV Network and cut promos. He also aspires to one-day start a media company. The media company will focus on all types of artists, not just photographers. With a drive for creativity and business, we feel that these endeavors should be an easy feat for the Niftyfits co-founder and photographer.

"I think social media has made it possible for me to connect with people I would have never been able to meet without it. I have shot with people from different states, and even different countries. It has also made it easy and quick to reach out to models and creatives to work together. So far, the community has been welcoming and supportive, but I feel like I am just touching the surface. So, who knows how things will turn out in the future? I know that photography is very saturated and that means I have to work harder."

- Andrew

You can find Andrew running around Los Angeles, or at @niftyshots on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can contact him on Instagram for any collaborations! Stay tuned for his website,