Event Recap: Pancakes And Booze Art Show Features Best Emerging Artists of L.A.

Photo by  Benjamin Sample

By Damaris Cepeda

The first thing you feel when you enter is the creative pulse energizing the event. A crowd is already gathered in front of the first featured artist’s exhibit while on the other side there is an artist painting live. This is the Pancake and Booze Art Show. Held at The Union Club in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 28, the evening was filled with live art, music and of course, pancakes! 

An ‘environment where artists, potential buyers, and pancake fanatics alike can make connections’ is the way they describe themselves yet it has become so much more. The Pancake and Booze Art Show has managed to bring together a collective of creative people to share work that would otherwise go unnoticed, and a great pity that would be. The passion brought by all the creative people showcasing their work was only reinforced by the craving that attendees have for seeing these passions come to life.

Sculptures, paintings, pins, posters, soap, jewelry, tiny paper shoes and of course pancake art is but a sampling of the display within their pop-up location. All the while artists share the journey they have taken to bring this art into reality. Every inch of the location bleeds the artist’s visions allowing visitors to completely immerse themselves within the beauty of the independent art world.  

With the ability to talk to artists about their creative process and inspirations the community is able to interact directly with the flow of creativity that fuels a city like Los Angeles. The art show has become more than a presentation of art but has grown to showcase talented artists, musicians, individuals and revolutionists.

Not to mention, there is an unlimited supply of pancakes! Check out our favorite art exhibits below: 

TP Got Juice  features an eclectic mix of hip-hop and pop culture art. 

TP Got Juice features an eclectic mix of hip-hop and pop culture art. 

Art By JCA  features portraits of inspiring women and their natural beauty. 

Art By JCA features portraits of inspiring women and their natural beauty. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.07.49 PM.png

We had the opportunity to speak with featured artist, Arturo Martinez. 

Inspired by the colorful neighborhood homes of his childhood hometown in Mexico, Arturo’s art was as bright as it was expressive. While admiring his work he couldn’t help but share what lead to each of his pieces creating a contagious environment where his passions could be felt in the air surrounding his art.

As a Latina it can be hard to connect with men that come from a culture that celebrates the ‘Macho’ persona within the men in the community. Yet Arturo captured the beauty of women in ways I thought impossible for a man to do. His grateful soul expressed this in images of strong women whose ethnic beauty was celebrated, their colorful and strong personalities appreciated as well as the fruitful abilities of mother earth revered. He recognized the strong women in Mexican history as women who should be admired in his different interpretations of Frida Kahlo and various others.

An inspiring human Arturo not only showcased his wonderful art and personality but brought hope to many who long to pursue what they love for a living as he is a full time artist able to support himself with passion and dedication. Thank you Arturo for sharing your story and beautiful art with those around you!