America's Musical Journey Uses Culture & Creativity To Explain USA's Greatest Love

All photos courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films, Copyright 

All photos courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films, Copyright 

By Elise Gray

Music is the all-inclusive human dialect that both unites us and evokes universal emotion. In America's Musical Journey we see the musical melting pot that is America as we travel coast to coast to uncover its origins. The thrillingly experimental film opens up the minds and hearts of music lovers everywhere as the Grammy-nominated musician, lyricist, and son of Panamanian immigrants, Aloe Blacc, dives into American culture headfirst. 

This film is a celebration of, as Blacc explains, "a nation of immigrants," and how various cultures bring forth new ideas and art forms in the form of tones and rhythm. The film's official launch date, happens today, on February 16, 2018, at the National Museum of American History. America's Musical Journey plans to take off to IMAX and movie screen theaters where the Brand USA and MacGillivray Freeman Films teams (alongside the supporting companies of Air Canada and Expedia) can watch all of their hard work come to fruition.

The diversified film that is America's Musical Journey will have your soul lifting out of your seat as you follow Blacc along for a 40-minute adventure with none other than the notable Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, narrating the entire journey. This film begins by portraying the inner-workings of jazz craftsman Louis Armstrong. The birth of Jazz holds an explanation with insight into Armstrong's epic melody "What a Wonderful World"‚ a song which still arouses and celebrates the hunger for something new in world travelers and jazz lovers alike.

You realize the weight America's unique culture has on musical styling when you analyze the roots that built the land of the free. In fact, as you walk hand-in-hand with Blacc, you will find that the land of the free wasn't always open. The tunes brought here by subjugated Africans were translated into the beginnings of gospel, jazz, blues and have even influenced specific instruments used for country music today.

You will join Blacc on an insightful and transformative journey as he trails through Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame, Graceland, the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, and even Louis Armstrong's home and exhibition hall. Follow Blacc as he analyzes and explains the considerable movement of African-Americans from the South toward the North and the flood of art and music that flowed with their society.

You will watch this movie when you're ready to jump forward towards the substantial melodic commitments that make up modern America including, jazz, blues, nation, hip-bounce and everything in between‚ and all of which was conceived and sustained here, in the United States of America. This is America's Musical Journey, are you ready for what follows?