Conception Arts Exhibits Hit Los Angeles, California

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By Elise Gray

Conception Arts is a platform designed to help those who create and appreciate art. Initially founded in 2011 by Rachel Wilkins and Mike Wolf, Conception Arts has established a multitude of multi-media exhibits that feature thousands of artists all over the U.S and UK. 

How did all of this begin? As Conception Arts started its journey, the artists themselves began to take to the nurturing community designed by the dynamic duo. 

Conception Arts provides varying services aimed at promoting and developing emerging artists. The current show that LA Pulse had the pleasure of covering is at The Iron Triangle Brewing Co., a brewery in DTLA. With roots reaching back to one of the leading art communities in the U.S, Tribeca, NYC, it's easy to see why hundreds of people flock to each exhibit.

Featured Artists in Los Angeles, CA

If you're an emerging artist like Dani LaRose or Arleen Silva, Conception Arts is a community you want to be involved in.

A quick stop by Arleen Silva's work showcases ink-drawn pieces that can just as easily serve as tattoo inspirations. Silva explains that this is on purpose, as she plans to become a tattoo artist someday. With a pending apprenticeship in the works at an emerging tattoo shop called Eternal Sins, it looks like her dreams are coming to fruition; that's the heart of Conception Arts: Opportunity.

One of Silva's more notable pieces, "The Higher I Get," features a distinct amount of detail and holds a special place in her heart. "It's my favorite piece so far," says Silva, "I love the detail. I got the idea from a Bring Me the Horizon song titled, Can You Feel My Heart. There's a line that I love: The higher I get, the lower I feel––so I was trying to portray a bittersweet type of look."

Arleen Silva isn't the only Conception Arts artist who finds deeper meaning through her work. 

Dani LeRose also creates many painted and mixed media pieces that hold cultural significance. All her recent commissioned works hang on the walls of the Iron Triangle Brewing CO., and potential buyers are flooding in as we try to grasp the meaning behind one piece: a gun. 

The detail took her weeks to complete, and it's a social commentary on the mass shootings we've seen recently in America. The color combination suggests her sadness with recent events. She explains in grave detail how she reflects her interpretations of these catastrophic moments in history through her paintings. Another buyer casually walks by and takes notice of her acrylic piece, Mad Hatter, which is a depiction of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. You'll also see a flow of flowers such as pink carnations in different works that are hanging on her wall. 

Dani describes her yearning to create, so much so, that she quit her full-time job to pursue the arts. She initially began drawing as a small child, always attending to every detail and colored within the lines. As her journey took her to college, she was unable to continue pursuing her painting classes as her course load took over. For a time, painting was but a hobby. When she graduated, she realized that her real passion didn't align with her college degree, so she threw it aside. She now finds herself in Los Angeles, CA, creating works for communities like Conception Arts.

How Can Conception Arts Help You?

By providing a platform for those who appreciate and value art in all its forms, Conception Arts can provide various resources for artists all over the U.S and UK. With this arts-based organization, emerging artists can grow their following through the following ways:

  • Exhibits: Participate in a quarterly curated exhibition and showcase your work to a supportive community in places like Los Angeles, CA!

  • Awards: At every exhibit, the panel of industry professionals award one Conception Arts artist the coveted 'Award of Excellence' by assessing their Presentation, Craftsmanship, and Originality.

  • Online: Conception Arts provides artists with an online platform where they can showcase a digital portfolio and sell tickets to their exhibits. Sharing your work with a network of over 40,000 followers has never been easier! 

Photography courtesy of  Concept Arts .

Photography courtesy of Concept Arts.

Click here to see upcoming shows in cities like Austin, TX, Los Angeles, California, New York City, and more. Who knows, Conception Arts might be having an exhibit down the street from you! 

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