Exclusive Interview: Trish Ignacio, Personal Trainer


Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to do your work passionately? For personal trainer, Trish Ignacio, she admits, "I train because I love helping people. I believe in helping to create effective change in people's lives. Everyone is capable of doing great things and all they need is that extra little push." Wherever you are in your journey, your hard work and early mornings all count for something. 

On Sunday, February 26, LA Pulse had the pleasure to join Trish's #Athlethick Booty Camp in Los Angeles. The intense workout series celebrates the importance of getting your fitness on and community-building. From the challenging fitness drills to the team-like atmosphere, we were inspired to push through and have fun at the same time. We spoke with Trish to talk about creating a career you love, the inspiration behind the #Athethick movement, and the best hidden locations of Los Angeles: 

How did you get into your current career? 

Three major turning points happened in my life: I got out of a 4 year relationship, my aunt who was like a mom to me died of cancer, and I had a knee injury. The stress along with my injury lead me to gain 30 lbs, so gaining all this weight really put a toll on me. I turned to working out and I loved it. I had a trainer and I loved it, I love helping people.


We love the #Athlethick movement and message of empowerment. What inspired you to create this movement? 

#Athlethick is a community based on team. Because I was such an athlete growing up I understood that having a team atmosphere (like my bootycamp classes) we are naturally inclined to work harder and push harder. It's also a social gathering, a place where you belong.

What was the most exciting projects you worked on? 

I love putting together booty camps all over LA, I did one in NYC. Most exciting project is called #CaliLove women empowerment series featuring well-known female social influencers and put them through an intense workout, all while filming in some of the most beautiful and remote spots of Los Angeles. The Cali Love Series aims to influence women to embrace their flaws and strengths, mentally and physically, motivating them to go out and be their own boss ladies.

Watch the inspiring series below and catch a glimpse of the Los Angeles' most remote and hidden location gems:

What advice would those who are looking to be #Athlethick? 

Have fun. Love yourself. Enjoy the fitness process.

What's your next hustle?

My next hustle is growing the brand. This is a building year for me, I want to continue to work to bring the #Athlethick movement to different city. My end goal is to travel and train all over the world and be sponsored by Nike, Adidas. 

Thanks Trish for the invitation to #Athlethick Booty Camp and EatNaked LA for a nutritious post-workout meal.

For upcoming tour dates for #Athethick Booty Camp visit TrishTheIsh.com