Erick Gonzales, Street Photographer Providing a Transformative Touch to Los Angeles Life

Photo of Erick Gonzales in his element via  Dagaman .

Photo of Erick Gonzales in his element via Dagaman.

By Elise Gray

With today's modern photography, you can be in Milan in a second. Every inch of the buildings will captivate you with crisp details outlined. Social media makes you feel like you are there. We have wonderful applications like Instagram to thank for this. This new age of information has created a whole new era for digital photography. If you want to reside inside someone else's mind, take a look at their photos. In an age where visual social media platforms like Instagram have taken precedence over the traditional photo albums and portfolios we used to know, it's easier to understand a person's mind — or at least feel like you do. Capturing moments in real-time has been a fascination that predates the millennial generation. At certain points in history we were merely scribbling on the walls of caves to indicate what we were doing. Then in 1816, the first satisfactory camera image made its way into existence, and our curiosity with each other continued to thrive. There are those of us who check the Instagram daily and stalk our ex-partners to no end. And then there are others like Erick Gonzales, who have chosen to turn the platform into something else — something revolutionary. 

In an age where literally anyone can capture anything at any given time and call it art, it's hard to distinguish pure talent from the fragmented pixels you'll find sprawled out on your Instagram feed. You need a natural eye like that of Erick Gonzales to hone in on the on the architectural buildings that line our Los Angeles streets. Seeing through his lens is like taking a walk through a modern museum. Every angle depicts a different variation of how alive the city of Los Angeles still is. You can dive into the depths of Venice Skate Park or take a stroll through the Santa Monica Pier. Get lost with Mr. Gonzales as he takes you on a stroll through Ricamar, Mexico. His style is sleek and abrupt. Every picture tells a story, but his minimalistic edge tells a different story. This is what sets his work apart. 

Erick uses his unique eye to transform every photo into something more polished and pristine than what the naked eye can see. He has participated in several visual shows and various meet-ups with the Instagram community. With his current 10.2K following, Erick continues to be a driving force in the city. His overall artistic vision is to create work that is visually stimulating while still keeping the contemporary feel of whatever he's depicting. He does a great job of mixing modern images with a simple aesthetic. When we got the opportunity to talk to Erick about his work, his answer was concise:

"These are the places I've witnessed. I enjoy translating my imagination into every photo."

Erick is expecting to debut his most recent work in an upcoming art show. However, it is still in the works. While it remains in progress at this time, there is no doubt that LA Pulse and the rest of Los Angeles cannot wait to see what this emerging artist creates next. An expected collaboration between Erick and other emerging street photographers could be hitting a gallery near you, so stay tuned and check out his work on Instagram @freetransfer