Event Recap: Steve Aoki x STRONG by Zumba

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By: L.A. Dizon

STRONG, one of the Zumba brand’s most popular classes, pairs bodyweight exercise, muscle conditioning, and cardio with music-fueled workouts that push you towards your limits. Rather than designing the STRONG routines after music, musicians are asked to construct the music after the physical routine itself - resulting in a high-intensity workout that effortlessly combines one's passion for music with a love of fitness.

#STRONGbyZumba recently collaborated with world renowned DJ/ Producer Steve Aoki to elicit its high-energy routines, employing the music itself as a main motivator. On October 6, 2017, at DTLA's Exchange LA, Aoki premiered the exclusive track,  entitled “Champion" at the #SBZ hosted event. Led by martial-arts trained fitness guru Ai Lee Sharif, a crowd of fitness enthusiasts experienced the class firsthand, matching every move to a sound, and every beat to a punch (or kick).

For Aoki, it was all about “hacking motivation through music”. Describing his method to reverse-engineer the process, he first studied the silent movements of the workout as the foundation of his production. Next came the heartbeat - or rather, drums. Then, adding the arrangement to amplify the final product for a custom-built workout designed to get pulses rising and psyches elevating.

The 40-minute class drew out a number of fitness stars, including Michelle Lewin, Jeanette Jenkins, Lauren Abraham, Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, and host Mario Lopez. Matching the pulsating sounds with every jump, lunge, and burpee, the temperature of the floor rose with instructor Ai Lee Syarief challenging its participants to push through. With muscles awakened and spirits empowered by the beat, the Steve Aoki-produced song debuted to a crowd that brought to life the notion what every contender who refused to give up is - a “Champion”.

To sign up for the action, you can check out a Strong By Zumba class near you. For more info, visit: strong.zumba.com