Artist To Watch: Singer-Songwriter Carl Gershon


By Lainney Dizon 
All Photos Courtesy of Big Machine Agency 

When people do what they are truly passionate about, you can tell it in their work. From rocking the stage as a solo artist to creating songs for films and touring with T-Pain across North America, Carl Gershon showcases that creating music is what he’s meant to do. As a multi-talented artist, Carl is a skilled musician, honest songwriter and electo-pop inspired producer and approaches his music with dedication and enthusiasm. LA Pulse Mag spoke with Carl Gershon after his recent Los Angeles performance debut opening for T-Pain’s Acoustic Tour to talk about what it takes to create music you love, working as a solo artist and his advice for upcoming other artists dedicated to their craft:

LA PULSE MAG: How would you describe your style/vibe? How do you stay inspired in creating music?

CARL GERSHON: Definitely a mix of 80’s funk and rock influence. I like to combine instrumentals and modern production. I stay inspired with new instrumentals and vintage synthesizers. I prefer to use hardware to software as far as instruments. Writing, arranging and researching also is a labor of love, it’s definitely a process.

LAPM: You recently rocked the stage in LA, opening the stage for T-Pain’s acoustic tour. Do you have any gems  in LA you have to visit when you’re out here?

CG: I would say my favorite spot is the Sunset strip. The history of the strip is the source of  music I love like Van Halen and Motley Crue. Their music is how I first was inspired to get started on playing the guitar, there’s a magic to that area. The first time I went to Los Angeles I walked up to the strip and knowing what came from that area seemed mystical. When I played at the strip for the first time, I put more of my heart on that stage.. I threw in a lil more shredding and really made it that moment extra special. I had to do it for the culture of that place.

LAPM: What was your most challenging obstacle and how did you overcome it?

CG: The decision to go off myself. As a solo artist,  I’m doing all the instruments and singing. I was always the guitar player in the band and I wasn’t finding the right chemistry and it never really felt truly satisfied. I realized the way to do it was do it myself. I taught myself how to sing. The focus is on me the whole time. I don’t hangout, I don’t drink. It requires a lot more focus and you have to censor yourself and walk away for a moment. It can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding.

LAPM: What tips do you have for upcoming artists who are inspired by your music and hustle?

CG: Figure out what you’re willing to sacrifice for your art. Look at yourself. Ask yourself, “What portion of my life am I willing to give up to get this?”  Early on, you have a check on how much you need it and want it. If you don’t need it, don’t do it. The business of it is too difficult to just do it any less than 110%. You need to make your dedication and music the ultimate priority.

Check out Carl Gershon's latest track, "Like Paradise" below: