Lovely Finds At The DTLA Art Walk 

Photo Credit:  Downtown LA Artwalk  

Photo Credit: Downtown LA Artwalk 

By Elise Gray

The DTLA Art Walk is an exciting time of the month for everyone in Los Angeles, CA. In a city so creative, one would expect to see art shows lining the LA streets. At the DTLA Art Walk, you'll see contemporary artists like Laura Letchinger and lovely small businesses like Treasurie Jewelry Design. But who grabs the talent? Megan Collaso works closely with I Art U DTLA, a community event for LA Art Walk patrons, to help all art genres fill our city streets. 

Megan is a dancer turn marketing guru who works closely with RAW Natural Born Artists. RAW works to provide independent professionals with the platform they need to reach audiences. Megan loves that RAW is not exclusive to traditional visual artists. Those who have a knack for art, fashion, film, photography, music, hair and makeup artistry will benefit from RAW.

Megan explains her recent experience at a RAW event in D.C, "I like how many artists I get to meet. I love the different personalities and being surrounded by creative people. These events help artists like Missy Lynn Music and Aida Murad, gain access to pop art galleries and live stage shows. Makeup artists can display their talent as "living art" while they work on live models. There's even a fashion show at the end of the night!" 

If you reside in the United States, Australia, or Canada, then you have a chance to access a RAW event! Luckily for Los Angeles inhabitants, the I Art U DTLA event is downtown. It is in this place that you will meet Judy Share Hernandez and Allison Share Hernandez, owners of Treasurie Jewelry Design. This mother-daughter-duo works with unique carvings, minerals, and semi-precious gemstone beads. Judith designs the jewelry and Allison handles the social media and photography. Judith is one of the most imaginative, vivacious, and giving business owners in the Los Angeles area. She works closely with people in places like China, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, to make handcrafted unique statement pieces you will never see anywhere else. You cannot talk with Judith without gaining a rich historical experience. 

Her eyes light up as she explains the inner workings of Treasurie Jewelry, "My youngest, Allison, always wanted to have a Jewelry company. I've always wanted to make jewelry. For me, it's like building a sculpture — it takes time to rearrange and see what goes with what. It’s also so much better working with old stuff because you’ll be making a piece that has a story." 

Judith isn't messing around when it comes to antiques. You’ll be carrying a culture on your neck when purchasing pieces from Treasurie Jewelry. Each design pays homage to a modern interpretation of new beads. Judith doesn’t want to copy old designs but draws inspiration from vintage pieces. She eagerly showcases all of her handcrafted goodies at I Art U DTLA and explains the story behind every single bracelet, earring, and necklace to patrons. What's even more empowering than the love that these women have for their work is the love they have for other women doing the same thing. 

Photo Credit: Facebook - Treasurie Jewelry 

Photo Credit: Facebook - Treasurie Jewelry 

Judith explains the detriment that creative women in Nepal face and how Treasurie Jewelry works to assist them, "Tibet is safe for girls, but sadly Nepal is not. Bhutan stands in the middle of the two countries as the last kingdom in the Himalayas to be touched by the outside world. A lot of Bhutanese women weave silk and content textile (basic cultural patterns). These women weave their family patterns into their designs. We purchase these designs at tourist prices so that she can make money. When we sell a woman's design, she will get 10% of the purchase price so she can support her family."

There's nothing more empowering than women helping women. Wear the world on your neck when you purchase from Treasurie Jewelry. You'll not only receive handcrafted, authentically vintage pieces, but you'll receive a memorable experience thanks to Judith. You can learn more about Treasurie Jewelry and their upcoming events through RAW or your next visit to the DTLA Art Walk. We can't wait to see you there.