Meet the Pulse of LA: Jacob Rahman, CEO of Soho Design House


"Don't have hesitations. Do it the way you want to do it." Jacob Rahman, CEO of Soho Design House says when asked what's his advice for rising artists. Nestled in Los Angeles' iconic Melrose Ave, Jacob understands the importance of believing, creating and executing with passion and determination. LA Pulse Magazine talked with Jacob to discuss the importance of living a life you love, how he formed Soho Design House, and his advice for emerging artists in Los Angeles: 

How did you start Soho Design House?

The idea of Soho Design House dates back to 2007 in New York. I was working for a rug company in Soho and we did all kinds of rugs. That's where I got my teeth sharpened in the rug world, it was a prestigious firm and I loved working with them.  On my own I dabbled in making a couple of art rugs, but I didn't have the resources to really build a brand from it. Around 2010 to 2014 I was stationed in Afghanistan 2 continuously. I went in as a sort of mercenary with the US Department and I started there for four years. During that time, seeing what I did see, as far as death and war, it makes you realize that those people that passed away are important, they had a story. It makes you wonder, "where were they in their life?" And when you relay that back to yourself, you realize life is infinite. And it goes back to, "what are you really doing with your life?" If you're not doing what you really want to do, then it's sort of a life wasted and I used that ideology to really push this dream agenda forward. 

In early 2012, I started reaching out to all these artists from Afghanistan. One of most memorable phone call was a choppy call with Ron English and his manager Jason Sutton and we kept on getting disconnected and we kept on talking about how we really wanted to do this project. I'm honored these artists want to collaborate and they see the vision in this, and I thought, "If I don't do this someone else will." 

What kind of legacy do you want to create with Soho Design House? 

Legacy is very strong and relevant word. We live in a world that's very disposable, but legacy is something that makes an impact, lasts a lifetime and crosses genres. When I started this art rug brand, I essentially took handmade artisan craftmanship and paired it with an artist I absolutely love.  Right now, we're the only brand in the world that does artrugs and exclusively artrugs. Just by the sheer nature of it, they're going to outlive us, and it's going to be time capsule that in itself is a legacy. 

What's your advice for rising artists?
One of the most valuable resources is time. You can do so much at a younger age, and maybe not become "successful" but that learning that you do from that is priceless. If I can go back to my younger self, don't have hesitation, do it the way you want to do it and feels wholesome to you.

Watch the full interview below and stay tuned for exciting updates from Soho Design House