Artist Spotlight: R&B Artist Joella Deville

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“We're bold as hell; in what we say, in how we look, and what we stand for.” Joella Deville says with a brush of confidence. As a women in the music industry, creating your own art and being true to yourself while balancing your business as an artist is no simple task. For Joella however, she knows that breaking barriers and standards is a must everyday to create your path as an artist.

The New Jersey native admits that Los Angeles has allowed her to experiment more with her writing but will always have those House music and Jersey Club influences in her music. As far as inspiration she says, “I grew up listening to Whitney Houston of course. She’s from my state and has the best voice ever so listening to Whitney teaches you about control.”

LA Pulse Magazine interviewed the rising R&B artist to learn the importance of innovation in her music, what it means to be honest as an artist, and what makes her upcoming EP, Just A Sip, different that anything else she’s ever done.

LA Pulse Mag: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Joella Deville: I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I sometimes use my music and poetry to express those things.  And in doing so, I hope that my words and my music can help other people through the things I'm able to articulate, or just provide relief in knowing someone else out there is experiencing the same feelings, events, thoughts that I am. There are women out there who look like me who don't feel they are represented well in the media, and I hope to change that. It's time to change the very strict image of what a Pop artist looks like, because that says a lot about what society and the media, deem as acceptable and beautiful. People already relate to me the person and me the artist, so I want to continue doing so, by simply being me.

LAPM: You’re from New Jersey and now live in LA. How does each city affect your sound as an artist?

JD: I think being in LA has helped me to experiment more with my writing and just gave me a new space and frame of mind to think in while creating. Jersey is home and will always be that. So I will always have those House music and Jersey Club influences, which is why my first single off the project was a House record, because Jersey is known for that type of music. But both places have really helped me to hone my skills and develop them and so I really feel a strong connection to both.

LAPM: From NPR spotlighting your music to your growing social following, people love your message and music. What’s next that you’re excited for?

Honestly, this new EP, Just A Sip was really fun for me because vocally I've grown so much. As an artist you realize the things you can do live don't necessarily translate well in the studio, and vice versa so I'm excited that I've been able to learn the different textures of my voice and play with it on this project. I really opened myself up as far as my writing goes, because I think in the past, I kept myself in a box of what a song is supposed to look and sound like and I completely ignored those "rules" with this project. So I'm really excited for everyone to experience my growth and get in my head a little bit with this new project and to finally give my fans a new project after 3 years. So expect that album to be out in June.

Peep Joella's lastest single "Ease the Pain" below: